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PREMIERE – Men ' s & Women ' s
The best in the west! Our Premier Division offers the highest caliber rugby you will see in Calgary this summer. Teams and players from around the world play compete. Held over two days, this division ' s games begin Friday evening and the last game for this division, is the last game of the tournament! This is not a division to be taken lightly. Ex, current and future international players make up this division and the rugby is fast, bone-crunching and unflinching.
CLUB - Men ' s & Women ' s
Want to play some high level rugby on the field, but still have some fun off it? This is the division for you. High level games comparable to Alberta First Division Rugby mean the second highest level of rugby at our tournament is no picnic. Games will be tough to win, and the margin of error small.
SOCIAL – Men ' s & Women ' s
Want to play a little rugby, but not take it too seriously? Social Division is the perfect choice. We ask that teams that enter this division play with a " fun-first " mentality and not get worried over which team wins and which teams loses. Unlike the Prem and Club Divisions, the Social Division has no kit requirement, and in fact, teams are encouraged to dress up in silly (and safe) costumes on and off the field. All games will be held on the same field, located next to the Party Zone where there will be a DJ and Bar for only the social divisions. Register today as this will be the first division we sell out!
HIGH SCHOOL - Men ' s & Women ' s
Traditionally one of our most popular divisions, our High School Division sees top high school age players from our region face off against visiting teams from around the world. All players in this division must be a high school player between the ages of 16-18 years. Games are spread over two days with games beginning Friday evening and concluding Saturday mid-day. We ask that teams wear matching kit, however in the spirit of 7 ' s teams will be permitted to wear fun costumes, provided that they are safe to play in. We ask that legal age players refrain from imbibing until after the games are over for safety as well. This division sees wildly differing skill levels and experience so we ask coaches and players to play with integrity and safety in all games (even if your team is thumping the other team)!
Touch Co-ed - Men ' s & Women ' s
NEW DIVISION! For the first time Stampede 7 ' s is offering a less competive level. This is ideal for the young at heart yet not so much in body. Looking to have a gental return to the game then this is for you.